Do you need a mobile application?

which seems like a loyality stamp card or equivalent, then EazyToken is for you

EazyToken can be used by all types of businesses

So whether you are a hairdresser, have a café, pizzeria or are a masseur, with EazyToken you will be able to offer easily and quickly an electronic stamp card where you determine the number of "clips" and possible discounts.

- as long as you want to sell 5 for 4s price or 10 for 9s price or other combinations, but you lack the system to keep track of this, then EazyToken is the solution for you.

The system is 100% based on mobile technology, so you do not have to invest in expensive hardware, constantly make sure you have cardboard cutting cards in stock or have major problems with installation... order the system and you are up and running in an hour.


all money transactions take place in the usual way, ie via cash, credit card or mobile pay - EazyToken only keeps track of cards and stamps in circulation - not payments.


The product works like this

You download a mobile application where you create card types for products in your company, where you describe how many stamps of a product you get at what price.

Your customers download another mobile application where they can buy these cards and make stamps in them, and EazyToken keeps track of how many clips are left on each card.

When a card is sold or a customer makes stamps in the card, this is registered, so you can actively use this information when making cashier reports or figure out how many stamps you owe.

What else does EazyToken do?

EazyToken can handle many of the administrative tasks you have in a busy day

With EazyToken you get a tool that can facilitate many of your daily administrative tasks, and at the same time give you an opportunity to to market new products directly to your customers - EazyToken is developed in a very user-friendly app that only requires a smartphone or tablet.

- and everything takes place via a mobile phone or tablet in a very simple app.

Simple communication with customers

Ability to send messages to all your customers at once or selected customers.

Make descriptions of events in your bar, cafe, restaurant, kiosk, pizzeria and inform customers about this.


Make schedule planning for your staff and even keep track of when the staff check in and out.

The schedule planning also opens up the possibility for the staff to see plans early and request for swaps.

The team

Meet us

We are a small but very dedicated group of people who represent many years of experience in international IT projects

Lars Fenger

Sales +45 20 82 60 14

Mathilde Fenger

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Therese Fenger

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Flemming Schibstad

Economy +45 28 15 16 17

Michael Lundager

System design and databases +45 53 89 62 42

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